Fussini has Exclusively Contracted Fussini to Create and Design new Looks In Cars , Motorcycles and helmets  whom has been many International award winner, Jewel master, Luxury Designer for the  Stars and Celebrities who strives for uniqueness

Fussini’s passion for Jewelry Is evident with his exquisite workmanship and meticulous attention to detail. Specializing In gold, diamonds, gems, and precious stones, his designs are timeless, He takes great pride in his craftsmanship, with his perfections he is expanding to the automotive world by mixing teak tree with gold and Diamonds

Fussini clients bring their favorite cars or Motorcycles to change the look to an art of Jewels.

We take your luxury toys we redesign the outside body with laying teak tree with gold and diamonds combination to create your vehicles into a one of a kind Luxury to make your mark

Prices starts from $25.000 to Millions ( no limit)

You contact us with your vehicles of Car or motorcycle we do the first design a few renderings ($7000.) once is approved we get your car from anywhere in the world

We work step by step with virtual video clients to see the work is done step by step with a timing report, we copyright that design of work exclusively for the client with an ethnicity certificate.